Good Morning!

When I started reading blogs full time, I stumbled across quite a few that I really love.  I wanted to highlight those for you below!  Click on the links to visit them.


  • The Small Things Blog:  I started reading Kate’s blog first.  It was my blogspiration, if you will.  I love that she offers real life views on everyday tasks, she has the CUTEST hair tutorials, and she’s a mama.  Another thing I love about Kate is she’s a transplanted North Carolinian.  Seeing home in her blogs makes my heart swell.
  • House of Rose: I found Mandy Rose on Instagram, and I LOVE her.  She’s a mama of four who blogs about motherhood, marriage, and fitness.  I love following her, and getting to see a sneak peek into her everyday mama life!
  • Katiesfitscript: What can I say about Katie?  She has been my fitness coach, she is from my hometown, and I love love love all the things she has to say.  She provides insight on health and fitness, both from a coach standpoint and a pharmacist view.  Katie is such an inspiration, and I love her posts about her faith as well.
  • SoulScripts:  Katie recommended SoulScripts to me.  Jordan Lee blogs about life, faith, and what to do if you’re a single twenty-something waiting on your prince charming.
  • Confessions of a Planner Addict:  Organization is life for me, seriously. I love being organized, I love a new planner every year, and getting ideas about how to organize my planner makes my heart happy.  I found Confessions of a Planner Addict through Pinterest, and I thrive on her ideas.  Follow Amber here:

These are just a few of the blogs I follow on a weekly basis.  I hope that you will add these, and my blog, to your list!